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Health Assessment and exercise testing Services in sydney

Health Assessment Services in sydney

Our health and fitness assessment services for exercise testing are aimed at providing players and coaches with precise values on performance aspects to guide training. We also provide all scores with a standard so you know where you should aim for. If you are unsure of your or your team's current fitness level, this is for you.

What We


Mobility and Functional Movement 

Mobility and Functional Movements are a good way of identifying of higher injury risk. When you injure yourself once, you are at high risk of re-injury. Get it right the first time!



Almost all running sports have an agility component. We test athletes' agility on both their strong and weak sides with highly accurate equipment.


Lower Body Power

We test vital movement patterns such as broad jumps and single-leg hopping tests to identify strengths and weaknesses.


Sprint and Top Speed

Getting from 0 to 100 quickly is never a disadvantage. It is a crucial aspect of competitive sports. We test your speed with state-of-the-art timing equipment because every millisecond counts.



For sports that demand cardio, you don't want your cardio to be a limiting factor. We test where a player stands with their current aerobic ability.


Body Measurements

We analyse the body's current state relative to the sport. Procedures included are bodyfat%, BMI, blood pressure and circumferences.

We Come to You!

At Stay Athletic, convenience is a priority. Our dedicated team is ready to come to your location to perform these fitness assessment tests, making the process hassle-free and accessible.


Ready to take the first step towards a fitter, more successful you? Contact us at for more information and to request a quote.

  • What is a mobile fitness trainer?
    A mobile fitness trainer is a certified professional bringing fitness training directly to your preferred location. Whether you want to work out at home or outdoors, our mobile personal fitness trainer in Sydney will cater to your needs.
  • How do I book a session with Stay Athletic?
    Booking a session with Stay Athletic is easy. Simply contact us through email or request a quote on our website, and we'll get back to you promptly to arrange your consultation.
  • Are your services suitable for beginners?
    Absolutely! Our services are tailored to individuals of all fitness levels. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or new to fitness, we will create a program that suits your abilities and goals.
  • What sets Stay Athletic apart from other fitness trainers?
    Stay Athletic stands out thanks to our team of university-qualified Exercise Scientists, science-backed programs, competitive pricing, and high-grade testing equipment. We are committed to helping you achieve your best performance safely and effectively.
  • Can I train with a group of friends?
    Yes, you can! We offer discounted group sessions, making it more affordable for you and your friends to train together.
  • Do you provide pre-season training?
    Yes, we do! Our pre-season training programs are designed to prepare athletes for their upcoming seasons, ensuring they are in peak condition and ready to perform at their best.
  • What is the purpose of exercise testing?
    Exercise testing helps individuals and athletes understand their current fitness levels, strengths, and weaknesses. It serves as a crucial foundation for designing effective training programs.
  • How can I benefit from agility testing?
    Agility testing is essential for sports that require quick directional changes. It helps athletes improve their responsiveness and performance on the field or court.
  • Why is lower body power testing important?
    Lower body power tests identify areas where athletes can enhance their leg strength and explosiveness, which are vital for various sports, including basketball and football.
  • How does sprint and top-speed testing benefit athletes?
    Sprint and top-speed testing provide athletes with precise data on their speed capabilities, enabling them to work on acceleration and top-end speed for improved performance.
  • What insights can I gain from aerobic testing?
    Aerobic testing reveals an athlete's cardiovascular endurance, helping them optimise their stamina for sports that demand sustained effort.
  • How do body measurements contribute to athletic performance?
    Body measurements provide a holistic view of an athlete's physical condition, assisting in achieving the ideal body composition for their sport.

Stay Athletic’s sports performance testing is your partner in achieving your fitness and performance goals. With our science-backed methods and personalised approach, we're here to help you unlock your athletic potential. Don't wait; take the first step towards excellence today!


Ready to focus on your fitness journey? Contact us now and let's work together to elevate your athletic performance!

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